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Individual Services

Individual / Marital / Family Pastoral Counseling

A pastoral counselor is a member of the clergy who also is a trained mental health professional. For a person who is concerned with religious and spiritual matters along with mental health issues, a pastoral counselor may be the answer. Mental health issues could include but are not limited to issues of depression, grief/loss issues, anger, issues with healthy communication and any issue that is of vital concern to the individual, couple or family.

Pre-trial Assessments

If a person needs a substance abuse assessment prior to their court hearing, this can be done with in forty eight hours of making the appointment. If treatment is recommended, clients will be able to start immediately in one of several groups that are offered during the week day and weekend.

Out of State DUIs

If a person has received a DUI in a state other than Virginia and they have been granted permission by the courts to do their assessment and/or treatment in Virginia, the following rates apply:

Substance Abuse Assessment, $300 – This includes the cost of doing the assessment and all administrative services, i.e., follow up reporting to the out of state agency, insurance billing, telephone calls and etc.

Group session - $45

Urine Screening - $25

Individual Services Form

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