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Group Services

Groups are offered Mondays through Thursdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 9:30am.

Group Counseling - Substance Abuse

This type of counseling provides the opportunity for an individual to work with other individuals on substance use issues. The groups are structured to provide peer feedback, support and an opportunity to learn from each other.

Early Intervention Group

This is a 16 week program. This group will be composed of individuals who after their individual assesssment have a DSM-V diagnosis of Substance Abuse. The group will explore the disease of alcohol/drug abuse and how it has affected the participants and his/her family. The group will also educate the participants about their abuse and how it affects their bodies and how much their lives have been impaired by the ramification of their abuse.

Intensive Outpatient Group

This is a 16 week program that the participants will meet twice a week. The make up of this group will be individuals who have been assigned a DSM-V diagnosis of Substance Depenedence. This group will address the systemic affects of drugs, assist the participant in developing healthy coping skills to life stressors, get in touch with issues that led to their dependence, address anger and other issues which in many cases are the catalysts for their addictive behavior.

Relapse Prevention Group

This is a 12 or 16 week program that will provide the participants with strategies for living a drug free life. Each participant will address their triggers and develop coping skills to use to assist them in not relapsing.


$100 - Substance Abuse Assessments

$45 - Group Sessions

$25 - Urine screenings

Group Services Form

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